The RED Era.

I feel like my music has become a lot of things. It’s hard to label the evolution, but I like there to be an evolution. I just like to paint with all different kinds of colors. 

The Speak Now Era.

I would consider the songs on this record as emotions—that’s what they’re about. There are some that are about infatuation and adoration and the positive, magical feelings of love. But then there are the ones that deal with when it goes wrong, which it oftentimes does. And all the different ways that it can go wrong and all the different ways it can make you feel and all the different phases of that you go through. Then there’s just social dynamics, dealing with people and learning about the fact that life is so unpredictable. I think that’s one of the things I’ve learned—life and love are unpredictable.

The Fearless Era.

These songs tell the story of my freshmen year of high school, and the day I met Abigail. They tell the story of the guy who apologized over and over again without ever meaning it. The story about saying goodbye to someone when you don’t want to, because you can’t breathe without them. The story of the boy who never realized he was with the wrong girl, and that the right one was right there in front of him. The story of my childhood, and the moment I realized my mom was the best friend I’ll ever have. The memories of running and laughing and having the best days with her. 

These songs tell stories about fairytale romances, and how sometimes they don’t work out the way you dream about when you’re a little girl. Because when we’re young, we dream about Romeo and Prince Charming— and we hope he’ll ride up on a white horse and rescue us. But sometimes the white horse shows up too late, after the prince has already let you down and left your dreams out in the rain. I never read a fairy tale with that ending. I guess that’s the hard part about living in reality.

One song tells the story of the underdogs who spent every day dreaming about the day they’d see things change, and the story of the night things finally…. did. And they sang hallelujah. There’s the story of the first date that’s so magical, you want to dance around the parking lot in the rain. In your best dress. There’s the tragic story of the boy who walked away—because he found some other girl to promise forever to. Then there’s the love story about how it can all actually work out perfectly and wonderfully. And how love really CAN be everything we dream about. About how someday, we all just might find the one that will kneel to the ground and pull out a ring and say “Marry me, Juliet. You never have to be alone. I love you and that’s all I really know.”

And maybe that’s wishful thinking. But maybe… that’s just being fearless.

The Taylor Swift Era.

I love all the girls who have my song on their myspaces. I love the people who come to my shows and put the pictures on here. I love the people at those shows who sing along with me. I love reading your stories in emails, some so touching they’ve given me chills. I love every single person who has wanted my autograph, because for the life of me I never really thought it would mean something to someone for me to write my name down. I love the little girls who stand in line with their mothers like I used to do. That was me. I love the couple who danced to my song at their wedding. Every comment, letter, and message. I love people who listen to the radio. I love every single person who is reading this, because you’ve let me into your life. 

I love you all so much, I just wanted you to know.